Recreation, entertainment and events

The island of Pag is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic, 63km in length and 5km in width, with a 269km lond indented coastline, many shingle and sandy beaches and cliffs in the crystal-clear sea. Pag offers a number of visitors opportunities; a thrill of pleasure and various experience but also a perfect rest in picturesque coastal landscapes and on the beaches where potable water often springs from the rock. Beaches and many other sights on the island can be reached by a total of 115km of mountain cycling paths. The beauty of the landscape of Pag but also various cycling paths and combination of cycling, swimming, scuba diving, sailing and mountaineering will make happy all those who are enthusiastic about active holidays. Cycling paths are also hiking trails. The steepest trail rises 263 metres above the town of Pag, offering a beautiful view of the town and the Velebit Channel. If you are keen on walking or sports, you will spend interesting and unforgettable holidays on the island of Pag.

Entertainment programs are offered mostly during the summer season. The well-known attraction is the carnival of Pag, which takes place both in winter and in summer (in the end of July). During the carnival days and the tourist season there are many cultural performances. The „Cultural Summer of Pag“ is a must for all classical music enthusiasts. The  centuries-old tradition includes the performance known as the „Female Slave of Pag“, as well as folklore and carnival performances. Old songs and dances are accompanied on „mišnjice“, a folk music instrument. Summer evenings offer programs to suit everyones taste: a cappella ensembles and choirs, fishermens evening, open-air music concerts and dances, entertainment programs in discotheques, night clubs with programs of performers and musicians from the country and abroad.