The indented coastline with a number of coves and capes is 269 km long. Sand and shingle, with the crystal-clear seawater, cover numerous beaches. The largest cove, the Pag Cove, is surrounded by 20 km of shingle beaches. Those in the south-western part of the island offer some shadow, although the island is very bare and rocky. Pag is the kingdom of karst on the Adriatic, however with sources of potable water springing from the rock on many beaches. Pag is full of contrasts: strange forms and shapes, wild exotic landscapes, peaceful oases, mountain paths, shallow coves. Travelling on the northern side of the island is recommended only in summer. When there is no crowd, this unique world of stone and seawater can provide unforgettable experience. Apart from secluded beaches, all tourist resorts have magnificent shingle of sandy beaches, the largest of them being the municipal beach of Pag (Prosika beach).