Culture and tradition

                 Pag, a free royal town since 1244, is a cultural and administrative centre of the island but also a popular tourist resort. The mediaeval fortified town from the 15th century is a work of the famous architect and  sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac (George of Dalmatia). The town has been well preserved, with a number of cultural and historical monuments: the rectors palace, the monastery, the tower, Baroque-style balconies and coats of arms of noble families. Due to its architecture and a number of artefacts the cathedral is a valuable cultural monument. It is proud of its rich cultural heritage and cherishes a centuries-old tradition and customs. The wolrld-famous lace of Pag has been made for centuries, each piece of lace being unique, either as a decoration or a part of the luxuriant traditional costume of Pag. The island also cherishes its folklore dances and songs. During the carnival of Pag there are many cultural performances and entertainment.